First post

My name is Juan Jose Reyes.  I created the Miami Street Photography Club with the purpose of promoting the art of street photography.

It seems like a lot of responsibility having to write the first entry of this blog. It’s a huge burden upon which depends whether enough interest will be generated to elicit hundreds of loyal readers interested in street photography.

What do I write that will acomplish that?

Well, I’m probably exaggerating (more like catastrophizing) and all I really need to do is to tell everyone why I started this blog. So here it goes.

Part of it is the desire to make a great photograph. Part of it is my current philosophy in life about just paying attention to all the things that are happening around me. Is time to stop making up stories and start seeing the stories that life is narrating around me every day.

I pay attention now to things that I have never really noticed in the past yet they were there. I pay attention to the streets. And I notice that is full of emotions and gestures that can make a great photograph.

Making photographs is for me a gratifying experience. Gratifying experiences are different from pleasurable experiences. Gratifying experiences last longer and create a sense of feeling well instead of just feeling good. The simple act of going out for a walk on the streets with the only objective of paying attention to life and  capturing the precise moment, when the emotion or the gesture is at its peak, is a tremendous gratifying experience.

The challenge is always new. Everyday will be different. There will be no ordinary moments, every moment will be important because I will be the one in it. And if I pay attention then I might capture it and share it with you.

As Phillip Petit said in “Man on Wire”: “It’s impossible, that’s for sure. So let’s get started”



7 thoughts on “First post

  1. Congratulations on your new blog, nice start! Don’t get overwhelmed, just post when the inspiration hits you. Where did you take the picture of the three girls?

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