Let the street do its job

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”.-Carl Sagan

One of the things we have to do when trying to get great images on the street is pay attention to what’s happening around us. Many times we are just paying attention to what’s happening inside our heads and not really looking. Or if we are looking, we are not really seeing.

Somewhere, there is a great image waiting to be known. Many times a it forms right in front of us, quickly, but sometimes  it develops slowly, maybe blocks away. All we have to do is watch and let the street do its job. The image will form every time but if we don’t pay attention we will miss it every time.

“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act”.-Paulo Coelho

I saw these three girls with pink dresses  half a block away walking towards the corner where I was.  I wasn’t sure which direction they were going to go so I just watched.Then they crossed the street towards me and at that moment I realized they were going to pass right next to me. I got my camera ready and prefocused on the sidewalk a few feet in front of me. And waited.

I don’t think you have to have the entire subject in your frame to make it a great image, in fact sometimes the best images have just parts of the subject’s body or bodies, as in this case. I wanted to shoot against the sun and thought that maybe I would get just black silhouettes, but luckily the pink dresses stood out and gave the touch of color I needed against the grey cement.They passed by me wondering why was I taking a picture of the boring sidewalk.

And I was wondering what wonderful image will the boring sidewalk give me next.



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