The streets of Miami

A lot of renewed interest in street photography has been generated  over the last few years. Consequently, emerging street photographers all over the world are creating some phenomenal images. But what if there was a  place where contemporary street photographers could get together once a year not only to showcase their best images but most importantly to help the genre develop and grow? Well, it seems that the upcoming Miami Street Photography Festival  in December might be the starting point to create just that.

Miami has  a unique mixture of cultures, all blending harmoniously, which makes it the perfect place to host an international street photography festival. And is all happening during Miami’s biggest art event: Art Basel Miami Beach.  During Art Basel’s week over 260 galleries will showcase the work of over 2000 contemporary artists. Street photography will  now have a place in such an important event.

There are multiple areas in Miami where street photographers can find all kinds of opportunities to capture that decisive moment, for example  Calle Ocho in Little Havana or Ocean drive and Lincoln Road in South Beach.

But my favorite spot is downtown Miami. I recently went out to walk the streets of downtown and here are some of the images I made.

juan jose reyes street photography

juan jose reyes street photography

juan jose reyes street photography

“Many photographers live in a dream world of beautiful backgrounds. It wouldn’t hurt them to get a taste of reality to wake them up.” – Weegee-

juan jose reyes street photography

juan jose reyes street photography

juan jose reyes street photography

“So, keep your eyes open. If you see anything, take it. Remember – you’re as good as your last picture. One day you’re hero, the next day you’re a bum… “Weegee

The Miami Street Photography Festival will feature Magnum photographer Alex Webb. He is known for his complex images full of vibrant color. Absolutely one of my favorite street photographers. Alex will host a slide show and Q/A session with his wife Rebecca Norris Webb, also an accomplished photographer. They are also offering a one-day workshop during the Festival.

The festival is open to participants from all over the world. Anyone can enter and submit photos online. The deadline is October 15th so get that camera ready and go out for a walk.

Hope to see you there.



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