Seeing Things New

“I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new”. I recently found this quote by Ernst Haas and I wanted to include it here because it is a great quote and forces me to ask myself constantly : Am I seeing things in a new way? or am I just repeating the same old pattern ?  I’m working on it. Below are some recent images I made trying to keep that in mind. All images made with my Fuji X-100

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

“I want to be remembered much more for a total vision than for a few perfect single picture.” –Ernst Haas

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

“But there is more to a fine photograph than information. We are also seeking to present an image that arouses the curiosity of the viewer or that, best of all, provokes the viewer to think–to ask a question or simply to gaze in thoughtful wonder.”-Sam Abell

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

“There will always be someone who objects to being photographed, and when this happens you move on.” – Martin Parr

(C) Juan Jose Reyes

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All images (C) Juan Jose Reyes. All rights reserved


7 thoughts on “Seeing Things New

  1. I think you see things in a new way when you least expect it. Someday inspiration strikes us to take a photo in a new way, or we connect with a scene. I love it when that happens 🙂

  2. Hola Juan,

    It happens to me that, there days when I have my mind set about “going out for photography”, and, no matter what I try, I don’t seem to find anything interesting or worthwhile photographing. Then, there are days when I reach out for my camera before leaving home “just in case”, and bang! something unexpected and attractive happens, and I’m lucky enough to be ready to snap. And then, there are days when something unexpected and attractive happens, and I have no camera with me, so, it is one of those “if only” photographs that only live in my brain.

    The point is, seeing something new is a mindset, and we need to learn to live with the uncertainty that is inherent in street photography. Some days are better than others, and trying too hard almost never works. We have to go with the flow, and enjoy the process, enjoy being out there, seeing people, listening to the city, exploring, learning, with ever-candid eyes.

    Street photography is like writing a movie script. It is 99% transpiration and 1% inspiration, and we only get better and closer to our goals by practicing and being disciplined.

    My 2 cents anyway 🙂

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